Accommodation packages with ski passes.

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We can offer you adult packages (from 19 to 64 years), reduced (from 8 to 18 years and from 65 to 74 years). Please tell us at the first contact the type of apartment you want, the number of adult or reduced packages per apartment with the start and end dates.

It is the age on the first day of the package that will be taken into consideration for the application of the package rate in the packages, so it is important, for the packages with reduced rates, to give us the date of birth when booking. A piece of identification attesting to the dates of birth is requested at the time of booking. Without supporting documentation, discounted packages will not be offered.  

We also have a luggage room, so you can plan to ski on your day of arrival or departure with our 7-day = 6-day package offer.

It is up to you to compare our proposal with any other loyalty offer on packages or other that you may benefit from outside the package offer we make to you.

At the heart of the season, we have selected some exceptional discounts on packages for the following weeks:

In January, 30% discount on packages for the week of 11/01 and 18/01/25

In March, 30% discount on packages for the week of 03/22 and 03/29/25

and on normally red periods, 10% discount on packages for the week of 08/02 and 01/03/25

The early and late season periods still benefit from very attractive package rates before 21/12 and from 12/04/25.

Please note that if you don't ask for a package quote from the outset, we won't be able to modify the package to include the packages.

Contact us for a quote!

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